Month: March 2013

Using File Sharing in Viral Marketing

March 18, 2013

There are probably ten million people online, looking for downloads at any given time. Of course, a lot of them could be looking for pornography or free software but still, reaching a minimum on a million people on any given day does offer some rather intriguing possibilities. People like using file services to download music […]

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Using E-Mail to Achieve Objectives

March 17, 2013

Viral marketing is an integral part of a campaign strategy that is used to achieve objectives. It is not the objective itself. If the main objective of an e-mail campaign is branding, in order to achieve greater branding success exposure you craft your message or offer in a way that it encourages pass-along. Producing a […]

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Using Chat Rooms in Viral Marketing

March 16, 2013

Spamming chat rooms or instant messaging systems with undifferentiated marketing messages is certainly not a very good idea. But if they are used the right way, these channels can be great to communicate with the market – especially to establish a dialogue with customers. Have you ever been to a chat room and posted a […]

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Business Web Hosting

March 16, 2013

An understanding of one’s business model and processes and in the manner that these are being translated into the functionality of the business’s website should provide a partial insight on how to best come up with the optimized choice in terms of what the web hosting requirements and conditions should fit for the business. You […]

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The Many Facets of Viral Marketing

March 14, 2013

In the beginning, e-mail was the one way that viral marketing was started. Since that long ago day, viral marketing has gone from a marketing strategy to an art form and there are many ways to accomplish the objective of creating a successful viral marketing campaign. Seven of those ways are: 1.E-mail: It was first […]

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Successful Forum Viral Marketing

March 13, 2013

In order to be successful using forums to do viral marketing there are some things that are required. Do Your Homework: Prior to joining any forum, you must do some research. 1.Join relevant forums that are in some way related to the promotion’s primary sales market. For example, someone involved with a health related product, […]

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Start Viral Marketing Campaigns Using E-books

March 12, 2013

Viral Marketing sounds like something bad but it is actually something very good. It is, also, a powerful way to generate traffic to your website. Think about how a virus spreads from on person to another. One person gets sick and just by sneezing they can give the virus to many more people those people […]

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Humor Turns E-Mail Viral

March 11, 2013

A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of adult Internet users in America share content with others via e-mail. This is excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to sell their products. The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of content that is most […]

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How to Get and Use E-Mail Addresses for Viral Advertising

March 10, 2013

Viral marketing has an array of possibilities and ways to achieve your overall goals. However, just like everything else, preplanning and the right setup to create success are the things you will need to make it work for you and your e-business. The first thing you want to be sure you don’t do is get […]

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ASP webhosting

March 9, 2013

ASP new technology is recently used by companies in creating a customized solution for their ASP web hosting services. However, it is now superseded with the newest Windows based technology ASP.NET. By definition, this technology is for web page development which uses ActiveX scripts that could either be VB or Jscript coding and can be […]

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