A Podcast Client

A podcast client is the software used to access and

download podcasts. Podcast clients are also known as

media aggregators, programs designed to automatically

access an online file, or feed, and download the audio or

video file associated with it. Hundreds of these

programs exist, with names like IpodderX, Juice,

Nimiq, and PodSpider. These podcast clients are easy to

find, and because there are so many available for free, it

is easy to find one that suits an individuals needs and

style. These programs run on the users computer,

periodically downloading a small RSS file from sites

that it has been told to monitor. The file tells the

program about an audio or video file stored on the

server, and the podcast client then downloads that file

for the user to view or listen to.

The podcast client thus allows the user to view

information on a wide range of topics from their

computer, without even using a web browser. Just like

blogs let people find writers they enjoyed for any niche

topic they were interested in, podcasts let people do

them same for audio and video. Its as if a thousands of

radio and television channels were created to serve

every possible interest, and more were made every day.

Using the podcast client to access and download the

files makes it as easy to keep up with the sites one likes

as it is to publish the feed.

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