NT Webhosting

June 1, 2013

A website that is using the proprietary Microsoft technologies can choose a web hosting company that uses a Windows NT server to host the website. To expand its web technology presence in 1993, Microsoft started to roll out its operating system support for web hosting. These families of 32-bit operating systems fall under the umbrella […]

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Linux webhosting

May 25, 2013

The free Linux, apache, mysql and php popularly known as the LAMP setup makes this combination the popular choice as the web hosting platform among many hobbyist and enthusiasts. The Linux operating system which is a special kind of UNIX, inherits many of UNIX’s desirable properties as a web server platform. You spend zero costs […]

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Linux Unix Host Options for Small Businesses

May 18, 2013

Ever since the very first web pages came online, the Unix operating system has been there to power the brave new world of the internet. Small businesses and thriving companies survived their way from these dark ages until today because of the stability and reliability of the Unix operating system as a server platform. Sometime […]

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How to Pick a Hosting Provider

May 11, 2013

With thousands of web hosting services from companies available today, the choice of a web hosting service to signed contract with, can be a difficult experience. It is not as easy as going to a store and buy something. For many of us, it is like a grope in the dark. You need the following […]

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Free webhosting

May 4, 2013

A free web hosting is a web hosting service that is free of any charge but usually advertisement-supported. Several free hosting services are available on the internet. There are different rules in setting up a hosting account. Customers are allowed to get their own domain name by some hosts. Typically, there is a primary domain, […]

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Ecommerce webhosting

April 27, 2013

A small to medium-sized ecommerce business is best setup through a web hosting company. The time and effort required setup one’s own web server that will fulfill the bandwidth and storage requirements and software development for the ecommerce business is not just practical. The maintenance after the website is up will also require a dedicated […]

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Do You Need A Lot Of Bandwidth,

April 20, 2013

The term bandwidth is often a measure of how fast is your web browsing experience when doing something in the Internet. If the data’s direction is from your computer and going out somewhere out in the Internet, this is called outbound data. If the data’s direction if somewhere from the Internet and going into your […]

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Cpanel webhosting

April 13, 2013

Cpanel is an advanced web hosting that allows clients to manage their own hosting account in a web-based graphical interface control. It is designed for customers to have full control in everything on their site. It features various controls, such as adding and removing email accounts, administering databases, creating FTP accounts, monitoring site statistics and […]

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Coldfusion webhosting

April 6, 2013

There are more than 125,000 ColdFusion servers deployed today. If your website is powered by ColdFusion, then you may want to check how is the current web hosting companies today are supporting this interesting technology. ColdFusion is an OS-agnostic technology and has a rapid application development tool to build powerful websites in a short time. […]

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Cheap Web Hosting

March 29, 2013

A website hosting service that is provided by a web hosting company allows individuals and organizations to publish their own websites and make it accessible to a wider audience. The HTML files of the website are uploaded into and stored inside the web hosting company’s web server computer that is running 24 hours a day […]

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