Insurance Professionals: Are Good Writing Skills Required,

Insurance Professionals: Are Good Writing Skills Required,
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Are good writing skills required of insurance professionals, That is an interesting question. If good writing skills are not required of most insurance professionals, they should be. As an insurance professional, you have not just set up a stand on the corner of the block. You are not just calling out to passers-by to purchase your insurance policies. True, you are selling a product, but the product you are selling comes with a lot of “the written word” especially before the sell is made.

How do insurance professionals get the word out about their products, Web sites, billboards, advertisements in newspapers and phone books the list could go on and on. Each of these forms of advertisement requires some kind of writing. Your insurance company’s Web site and brochures include the most writing. Your goal is to sell insurance policies, but you also want to make sure you clearly explain the different kinds of insurance policies to your potential customers in terms they can understand. The world is your audience your potential clients so your writing has to be understood by everyone.

Even if your advertisement simply includes the name of your insurance company, your name and contact information, and a catchy phrase as most billboard, newspaper, and phone book advertisements do don’t you want that catchy phrase to be well-written, If you have good writing skills, you will be able to keep it simple and make it pack a punch at the same time.

If you are an insurance professional whose job requirements include writing any kind, any length and your writing skills are not quite up to par, you may want to consider taking a writing course. Writing courses are offered online or at a local college. Or, you may want to get your writing down on paper first, then have someone who is skilled at writing take a look at it and offer suggestions or make corrections.

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