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A Home Business Thats Both Realistic And Very Lucrative

The problem with most every home business is its either too expensive to set up, takes too long to begin showing a profit, or the learning curve is just too difficult or too time consuming for the average person.

Even worse, a lot of offers related to home business that you find in magazines, your mail, and on the Internet are outright rip-offs. Thats not to say they take your money and dont deliver the product. They deliver the product all right; its the product that doesnt deliver. Why, Because the home business program was designed to make money for the vendor, NOT the purchaser.

But there are ways to make money in a home business that are realistic, dont cost an arm and a leg, and can be quickly learned with just a little time and effort. The business of Credit Repair is one such business.

Now the very name Credit Repair may sound intimidating to some, probably because there are high priced agencies and attorneys who practice it and charge thousands of dollars for their services. But that doesnt mean they do anything the average person cant do himself, given the proper knowledge. Nor does it mean credit repair cant be done as a home business, rather than from an office with dozens of employees.

Before we continue, some explanation is in order. To start with, there are 3 major agencies in the United States who keep records of the credit histories of hundreds of thousands of Americans. These agencies are called Credit Bureaus and their names are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Theyre private agencies, have no connection with the US (or any) government, and are a billion dollar a year industry.

Do you want to take out a mortgage, Your lender will be checking your credit history with one or more of the credit bureaus. And once you get your loan, hell be reporting your payment history to the agency as well. And based on the information in the credit bureaus records, youll be assigned a credit score that lenders look at to determine your credit worthiness.

The business of credit repair involves contacting the bureaus in an attempt to improve a clients (or your own) credit score. The process really isnt that difficult, and involves a few simple steps.

1. Have the client get a copy of his credit report from each of the 3 bureaus. This can easily be done online at

2. Write letters to each of the 3 bureaus and dispute negative information on the credit reports.

By law, the bureaus then have 30 days to verify the disputed information with the original creditor, or they must delete it. They must then report their findings to the consumer, and also send a copy of the revised credit report.

3. When the credit bureaus respond, examine the revised reports and continue to dispute additional negative items.

You may be thinking So is that it, Well, while this explanation may be a bit oversimplified, generally speaking, the answer is Yes, thats it!

If you perform credit repair for pay, there are some legal matters you need to deal with to avoid running afoul of the law. For instance, some states require you to be bonded or licensed. Youre also required to inform clients of their legal rights, and to give them 3 days to rescind their decision should they decide to accept your services.

But these steps arent anything you cant do as a home business entrepreneur. Theyre intended to protect the consumer, and in general, are good practices that any ethical business person should be following anyway.

So if its that simple, why do agencies charge thousands of dollars for their services, Very simply, because they can get away with it! Most people just arent aware of how uncomplicated the process is, or would ever believe they can do it themselves.

Now if youre looking to start a home business that will make you rich overnight without any effort, then credit repair isnt for you. But then, neither is anything else. Youd do better to embrace more realistic expectation, or youll be forever wasting your money on the home business programs we mentioned earlier.

But if youre willing to invest some time and effort in a realistic home business, you might want to take a closer look at credit repair. Compared to just about every other home business it has all the advantages. Its one of the easiest to learn, least expensive and quickest to start up, theres a huge demand (nearly 1 of every 3 Americans have some credit problems), and you can make some very, very good money. You can also choose to do it part time or full time. The choice is entirely yours.

To get started, youll need to do two things.

1. Get a good book on the process of credit repair and spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the process.

2. Do some research into the laws pertaining to credit reporting and credit repair companies, specifically, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Both can be researched online.

Finally, once youve launched your home business and begun repairing peoples credit, youll have the good feeling of knowing youre helping people in need. And you can charge them way less than the big agencies and STILL make an extraordinarily good living. Thats a win-win situation for everyone EXCEPT the credit bureaus and overpriced repair agencies.

Gives you a good feeling, doesnt it,

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