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8 Tips On Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great free marketing strategy and it can be a very effective way to generate leads for your network marketing business. However, there are several things to keep in mind.

Any time you take advantage of a free marketing method, it’s key to bear in mind you are investing your time rather than your money, so these following suggestions will help you spend that time wisely!

8 Important Tips On Forum Marketing:

1. Nobody cares about your business. Let me say that one more time. Nobody cares about your business. The very last thing you want to do is join a forum and then begin pitching your business opportunity. Instead, join the conversation and share some wisdom when appropriate.

The purpose of joining the forum is to get to know other people, to make relationships and share information to help each other out. Over time, as you offer beneficial advice and wisdom to the conversations you get involved in, individuals will start to recognize you as a leader. It’s important to remember, people join people and they are looking for leaders!

2. It is important that any and all links go in your signature. Regardless if it’s for an affiliate offer or your primary business opportunity, links belong in your signature. That’s why it’s there in the first place! The one exception is when you are giving a link to information or a helpful website, not affiliate offers or capture pages though.

Provide value and add to the dialogue in your forum posts. Become a leader and the community will become interested in you, which is when they will look to your signature to discover more about you.

3. Do not put links to generic company websites/capture pages in your signature. You’ve taken the time to make good relationships with the community and offered them valuable advice and information. The last thing you want to do is turn them away by sending them to a generic company site or capture page.

Be a leader. Leaders have their own branded websites. Send them where you can form a better relationship with them by providing them more value such as a blog, for example. It’s important, however, that you have an opt-in form on your blog so they can join your mailing list while they are there.

Most forums have room to put a couple of links, so one can most certainly be to your own personally branded website/landing page. As an example, if you are involved with a generic lead generation system like MyLeadSystemPro, which can assist other network marketers build their business…that would be a great place to send them!

4. Don’t be a know-it-all. It’s crucial to be confident and show leadership, but be respectful of other people and be mindful to not act like you know absolutely everything, because nobody likes that!!

5. Don’t be scared to join a forum on a focus other than marketing. For example, if you’re really into golf, it’s okay to join a golf forum and use your signature to say something like “Earning money online yet, I can show you how.”

6. Be consistent. Don’t go joining twenty different forums all at once because that won’t accomplish anything. It’s much more effective to choose 1-3, depending on how much time you have to apply to your marketing. You’re better off being more involved on fewer forums than less involved on more forums.

Once you join, get involved. Don’t just sit back and keep an eye on the dialogue! Expect to devote 3-6 days a week, especially in the beginning. Be careful though, and set a specific amount of time that you can afford to spend on each forum so time doesn’t just slip away!!

7. Be patient. It’s unreasonable to expect that you can join a few forums and then have hundreds of leads the next week. Keep in mind that this technique is effective, but you have to be patient. It does take time, but it’s important to have patience and stick with it in order for it to yield results. As always, you are either spending time or money. With forum marketing, it’s definitely your time.

8. Join active forums that get a good amount of visitors. Use sites such as to help you with determining some active forums to join. Here are three examples of great forums for the network marketing niche:

It looks like it’s time to wrap things up! As with any other marketing strategy, stick with it and be consistent. It won’t happen overnight, but forum marketing can be a great place to get leads for your business. Forums are also a wonderful place to learn and grow, so don’t forget to do that while you are there!


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