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6 Donts You Should Avoid In Your Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best strategies to make money online. In fact, you can make a lot of profit just concentrating your online marketing using this method. Just ask any top Internet Marketer, which is the best way to promote our business, They will surely answer “Article Marketing”.

However, if you have thousands of articles and you promote it wrongly, it will only waste your time and effort. Below here I list down 6 Don’ts that you should not do in promoting your articles:

1) Don’t forget to craft a relevant and intriguing title. This is essentially the entry point for your article wherever it is listed. If site visitors aren’t even curious enough to click on your article title to see what it is all about, then you’ll automatically cut in half your potential prospects who may have been turned into site visitors through your article.

2) Don’t put your article on two different sites because identical copies on these both sites do not count as unique content. For instance, if you put one article on your site and one on a highly-ranked directory, that directory will probably get spidered first, which means they will receive the unique content credit – and you will receive nothing other than a one-way link from that site.

3) Don’t use a link to your home page as the first or only link in your article resource box. An article should always be geared toward a specific product and landing page, rather than a home page, which will contain links to all of your different offers. Instead, use a landing page link first and your home page link second. It is also best to include an opt-in form in your landing page. By doing this, you can follow up with your customers anytime you wish.

4) Don’t forget to draw up some ‘terms of use’ for your articles. In these terms, you may want to include that you do not allow use on ‘splogs’ (so-called spam blogs) and sites that could be considered link farms. If search engines find your link in a bad neighborhood, your site could get indexed or penalized heavily.

When you create ‘terms of use’ for your articles, consider whether or not you want anyone to be able to use your article without specifically soliciting approval from you via email. Additionally, remember to tell all people who re-publish your article that they do not have the right to alter it or the resource box.

5) Don’t use an affiliate link as the only link in your article resource box. When creating permanent one-way links, it is always a good idea to point them at Internet real estate you actually own. If you stop promoting that affiliate program – or, if the owner stops selling the product, you will be out of luck. Additionally, you won’t get the benefits that come from a one-way link.

6) Don’t forget to concentrate and putting your keyword into your article. Spend the time to figure out appropriate keyword tags for your article. Remember that article directories also use a search engine model to determine which articles will be pulled by which searches. If your articles are not appropriately classified, you will find that you get less click-thru traffic from the actual site.

With this information, I hope you re-adjust your strategy on article marketing. Do it wrong and you just throw away your time for nothing. Article marketing is like an art. If you do it correctly, your article will be notice by reader and you have a better chance of succeeding in your business and make more money online.

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